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About the Electronic Library is a private nonprofit project.

Project purposes:

  • Conversion into the electronic format and the publishing the Armenian literary heritage.
  • Providing as much information on Armenian culture, history, religion and also on the Armenian Genocide in Turkey, and Artsakh ( Nagorno - Karabakh Republic ) as possible .
  • Helping young authors to publish and promote their works on the Internet.

We would like to thank all those who helped and keep helping us:

  • Nerses Zurabyan — ArmenianHouse has been hosted thanks to his support since 2005.
  • ABBYY — creators of FineReader OCR software: actually the best program for recognizing Russian texts and the only OCR software that is able to recognize Armenian texts. ABBYY generously provided a free copy of FineReader for our project.
  • Amayak Abramyants, Armenian writer, for his consistent support and help.
  • Murat Mukhamejanov
  • Sergey Ohanyan
  • Aram 'Mono' Palian
  • Arman Galstyan (, for thorough consultations on SEO issues.
  • Hayk Chamyan and ArmUnicode project team, and also Eddi (ex for help, consultations and software support on Unicode standard. Without them and Rafik Maroutyan—creator of KDWin Armenian Keyboard driver, creation of the Armenian version of our Library would not be possible.
  • Grigor Melkonyan (, Hrachya ( and Raffi ( for constant support and effective collaboration.
  • Fotinia from for a thorough proofreading of Russian texts. She did a very professional job silently and promptly.
  • Ruth Bedevian for continuous support with editing English translations and for invaluable suggestions on improving the library.
  • Aram Arkun from Krikor and Clara Zohrab Information Center for providing some hard to find materials and valuable advice on history and historiography.
  • Artavazd Zurabyan for invaluable help with technical issues.

People who participated and participate in project:

Anna Vrtanesyan — idea, coordination, OCR, editing, HTML-coding
Karen Vrtanesyan — idea, coordination, design, programming, technical support, SEO, translations.

Aharon Avakyan — scanning
Aida Avetisyan — scanning, editing, OCR
Hayk Avetisyan — scanning, OCR
Andrei Areshev — scanning, editing, OCR, data-mining
Vrezh Atabekyan — scanning, editing, data entry
Ada Azatyan — scanning
Diana Azatyan — scanning
Hasmik Baghdasaryan — translations
Hayk Chamyan — scanning, programming, editing
Sergo Farmanyan — scanning
Arevik Garamova — scanning
Aleksandr V. Gevorkyan— translations
Irina Minasyan — scanning, OCR
Hasmik Movsisyan — scanning
Gayane Movsisyan — scanning
Mushegh Musheghyan — scanning
Isabella Ter-Hovhannisyan — translations
Hayk Vrtanesyan — scanning, OCR
Wolfkraft — translations
Ruth Bedevian — editing
Bob Shabazian — editing
Araxy Kherlopian — editing
Andrey M. — scanning, OCR
George Karibov — scanning, OCR
Vahan, Vardan and Anatoly Papoyans — scanning, OCR
Mary Arakelyan — translations
Harutyun Galstyan — data entry
Michael Yalanuzyan — scan, OCR, data entry, corrections
Vazgen Shekoyan — scan, OCR, corrections
Lina Kamalyan — scan, OCR, HTML-coding is an open project and you too can participate in it. Even sending us an interesting article or your favorite poem or story will be a great help. Some readers send us information about the typos in the books — that also helps us a lot.

For those who want to help us there is a F.A.Q. page, and of course you may contact us via e-mail. in in Russian
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