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January 4, 2007
Sezam, bacvir! — collection of poetry by Hamo Sahyan in the Armenian section.

February 27, 2005
Published in full the famous book of Armenian poems translated into English by Alice Stone Blackwell. It contains poetical works of 32 Armenian authors, including Duryan, Avetik Isahakyan, Siamanto, Patkanyan, Daniel Varuzhan, Sayat Nova and many others.

August 11, 2003
«Twilight Dreams» poetry collection by Vahan Teryan is published in the Armenian section of the Library. Also there are comments on poems which include some pieces that had not been included in the original version published by Teryan himself.

March 29, 2003
The book of classic Armenian Sharakan translations by Suren Zolyan is posted in the Russian version of the Armenian Poetry section.


Alishan, Ghevond (in Armenian)
Blackwell, Alice Stone (also in Russian)
Bryusov, Valery (in Russian)
Charents, Yeghishe (in Russian)
Chopanian Archag (also in Armenian)
Duryan, Petros (also in Russian)
Isahakyan Avetik ( in Armenian | in Russian)
Hovhanessian, Hovhannes (also in Armenian)
Jivan (in Armenian)
Khrimyan Hayrik (also in Armenian)
Metsarents, Misak (in Russian)
Mirijanyan, Levon (in Russian)
Nalbandyan, Mikael (also in Armenian)
Narekatsi, Grigor (also in Armenian)
Patkanyan, Raphael (in Armenian)
Quchak, Nahapet (in Armenian)
Raffi (also in Armenian | in Russian)
Sahakyan, Yuri (also in Armenian | in Russian)
Sahyan Hamo (in Armenian)
Sagratyan, Ashot (in Russian)
Sayat-Nova (in Armenian | in Russian)
Sevak, Ruben (in Russian)
Shiraz, Hovhannes (in Russian)
Shnorhali, Nerses (in Armenian)
Siamanto (also in Armenian | in Russian)
Sipil (also in Armenian)
Teqeyan, Vahan (in Russian)
Teryan, Vahan (in Armenian | in Russian)
Tumanyan, Hovhaness (also in Armenian | in Russian)
Varujan, Daniel (also in Armenian | in Russian)
Zolyan, Suren (in Russian only)

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