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Petros Duryan (Bedros Dourian)



Petros Duryan (alternate spelling: Bedros Dourian, Petros Duryan, Petros Tourian, Bedros Tourian), an Armenian poet, playwright and actor, was born to a poverty stricken family whose father was a struggling blacksmith in Istanbul. A romantic poet with keen sensitivity, he amassed a beloved following of admirers during his brief time on earth.



Translations by Alice Stone Blackwell

1. Little Lake
2. Wishes for Armenia
3. To Love
4. New Dark Days
5. What Are You, Love?
6. I Have Loved Thee
7. In Memoriam of Vartan Lutfian
8. She
9. Little Gifts
10. My Grief
11. Complaints
12. Repentance
13. At Evening
14. To May
15. My Death

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