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Mkrtich Khrimyan

Mkrtich Khrimyan

1820 - 1907

Mkrtich Khrimyan (alternate spelling: Mugurditch Chrimian , Mgrdich Khrimyan) was immortalized when he was proclaimed “Hayrik” (Father),” by his people. He was glorified as an advocate for justice and it is his image that has been painted by numerous artists.

Khrimyan was born in 1820, on April 4 (16) in Van, he received his primary education in the place of his birth; in Lim and Ktuts deserts he studied Grabar (old Armenian of Vth century) and Armenology. At that period the young man’s plans were to research the land of Armenia, her history and present state, to fight against darkness and backwardness, to work for enlightenment and defend its principles and finally to fight against injustice. To realize his goals, he chose three ways: writing, printing and speech. Khrimyan became an orator at a very early age. His speech was full of color and emotion. However beautiful his words, it was the truth of life that he expressed that made his oratory so passionate and effective. Khrimyan completely dedicated himself to his native land; he focused completely upon his nation.



Chrimian Hairig's Poems (translated from Armenian by Alice Stone Blackwell )

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