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January 4 , 2007
The Armenian monuments of Jugha by Argam Aivazyan (in Armenian); Armenological Études by Kamsar Avetisyan (in Armenian).

August 11, 2003
Presenting " Nagorno Karabakh: problem and conflict " by Prof. Suren Zolyan (in Russian).

July 22, 2003
Another interesting addition in the Armenian sectionThe last days of the First Armenian Republic — a diary of an unknown author. While reading often one gets a feeling that it is written about the modern Armenia, and not the events that happened 83 years ago.

July 16, 2003
Added the Russian translation of The National Identity of the Turks and the Armenian Question by Taner Akcam, Turkish writer and former political prisoner in Turkey.

March 29, 2003
Thanks to Aleksandr V. Gevorkyan an article called "HOW WE CAN HOLD THE SOUTH CAUCASUS" by former Russian ambassador in Armenia Dr. Vladimir Stupishin is now available in English. Also 3 other articles in Russian are added to the Russian version of Dr. Stupishin's page.


Aivazyan Argam (in Armenian)
Akcam, Taner (in Russian)
Arustamyan, Veniamin (in Russian)
Avetisyan Kamsar (in Armenian)

Barseghov, Yuri (in Russian)
Bolshakov Leonid (in Russian)

Goryukhina, Elvira (in Russian)
Gurunts, Leonid (in Russian)

Isahakyan Avetik (also in Armenian | in Russian)

Kubatyan, Georgi (in Russian)

Melik-Shakhnazaryan, Levon (in Russian)
Mikaelian Christopher (in Armenian | in Russian)
Mirijanyan, Levon (in Russian)

Smirnov, Roman (in Russian)
Stupishin, Vladimir (also available in Russian)

Zolyan, Suren (in Russian) in in Russian
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