- Armenian Literature, History, Religion in in Russian

Luigi Villari


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Prefatory note

Table of contents (as in the book)

List of illustrations

“Chronological table of recent events in the Caucasus”

Chapter I
The Caucasus, its peoples, and its history

Chapter II
Eastward ho!

Chapter III

Chapter IV
Kutais and the Georgian movement

Chapter V
The Gurian “republic”

Chapter VI

Chapter VII
Persons and politics in the Caucasian capital

Chapter VIII
Armenians, Tartars, and the Russian government

Chapter IX
Baku and the Armeno-Tartar feud

Chapter X
Bloodshed and fire in the oil city

Chapter XI
The land of Ararat

Chapter XII
The heart of Armenia

Chapter XIII
Russia's new route to Persia

Chapter XIV
Nakhitchevan and the May massacres

Chapter XV
Alexandropol and Ani

Chapter XVI
Over the frosty Caucasus

Chapter XVII
Recent events in the Caucasus




Source: Villari, Luigi. Fire and Sword in the Caucasus by Luigi Villari author of “Russia under the Great Shadow”, “Giovanni Segantini,” etc. London, T. F. Unwin, 1906
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